Miami day 5 and 6 : Miami Beach and the Bonnet House (Fort Lauderdale)

Hi there, every trip has an end (unfortunately) for our last 2 days we enjoyed Miami Beach with a long (looooooong) walk on our fifth day, and visited the Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale on day sixth and went back to Miami in the evening to admire the sunset!

Day 5: We just couldn’t leave Miami without enjoying its beautiful beach! But we are definitely not the kind of person that just lay on the beach all day, we’d rather admire it while walking, from North Beach to South Point Park, with a detour on Lincoln road and Espanola way to enjoy some drinks and food! It took us approximately 6 hours to go from one point to the other. We wandered on the sand and the wooden promenade, discovered the lifeguard towers that are full of charm because they are all painted in various colors (the one with the American flag was our favorite, so cliché), enjoyed the peaceful view of the turquoise sea, and the harbor. Unfortunately for us we wanted to take the bus to go back to North beach…well let’s just say transportation and traffic in Miami aren’t that great so we went back to North Beach by feet (but let’s stay positive, at least we found out new muscles we didn’t know existed)

Day 6: We left Miami for a day and went to Fort Lauderdale (approximately one hour drive from Miami) and visited the Bonnet House! The architecture of the manor is really nice with its interior patio, and the garden all around the house is so peaceful you’d want to stay there for hours (or a life time?!). During the tour, we discovered the owners’ history (a bit gossipy) and their fine art collection. The end of the day was even more beautiful as we admire Miami skyline at sunset and by night!

Whatever you like to do in vacation, Miami is always a good idea!

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