About Little Normandy


My name is Audrey, I’ve been Norman for 32 years!

I decided to create Little Normandy in January 2016, during my first expatriation in New York. A little nostalgic and always passionate about Normandy, my native region, I wanted to share with you my favourite places and walks, best restaurants and hotels, and other various experiences. Why am I so attached to Normandy? I love its landscapes’ diversity (countryside, beaches, cliffs), and its history and culture just fascinate me.

I also want you to discover the new countries I call home, that’s why you’ll also find information on the blog about places and good deals that I experienced as an expat. I lived 2 years in New York, and have lived for 2 years and a half in Jersey, Channel Islands. As vikings like to explore, don’t be surprised if I add a new destination 🙂

I’m also very attached to the protection of the environment, consequently 10% of Little Normandy revenue is donated to associations. I invite you to me follow on social media to be notified of the latest articles:


Any questions? Please tell me more!