Why you should visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island !

Hi there, I’m back with a new article about New York this time. Some people don’t wish to visit the Statue of Liberty and/or Ellis Island as it seems too cliché and can take a day to discover these two attractions.  But I must tell you how fantastic it was to visit it, and as I did it after a year living in the city, you might think I wasn’t that amazed…well actually it was the total opposite! I tell you why it’s a place that has to be checked on your list!

  1. First of all because the skyline view from the boat is just stunning!
  2. Because you’ll feel like you just accomplished something when you’ll be at the bottom of the New York’s symbol and because the statue is majestic (the small version in Paris is already nice but trust me, the big version is even better)
  3. Ellis Island Museum is friendly, and you’ll learn a lot about New York immigration’s history: photos, testimonials, which can be read or even listened to, discover the kind of rooms all migrants lived in. .. etc. You can see yourself easily being one of these immigrants arriving on the American soil, and if you are or ever were an expatriate in the United States, it’s a feeling that you share more or less with them, even if the conditions today are quite different.

So I hope that, even if your trip in New York is short, you’ll still take the time to visit both the Statue of Liberty, and even if you can, get into his crown (be careful you’ll have to plan this in advance, about 3 months if you can) and Ellis Island! The reservations are made on their website here!

To get there it is very simple you just have to take the boat (book tickets here), and the departures are from Battery Park (lines 4, 5 stop Bowling green, or 1 at South Ferry Station).

Have a good visit if you haven’t already done so!

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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