What to see at La Pointe du Hoc?

Pointe du Hoc, the D-day landing beach with a unique landscape

Hi there! It’s impossible to talk about Normandy, without dealing with its history. As you know, the Second World War made it a crucial place, especially during the Allied landing in June 1944. So today, I’m taking you to La Pointe du Hoc, one of the beaches (or rather cliffs) of Normandy’s landing.

Pointe du Hoc, a tribute to Allied troops

Pointe du Hoc is the highest point between Utah and Omaha beach, which are also D-Day beaches, and that’s why this place was strategic. You’ll discover a monument in tribute to the American troops, former German blockhouses and a hilly landscape because of the shell-holes that were caused by the war.

A place where nature has taken over

When I visited Pointe du Hoc, I thought of all these movies and history books, which we were told at school, and while wandering there, I felt this duty of memory and this chance of to be there, at the present moment. I was also so happy to discover nature has taken over. Yes, today, you can go there to admire the view from the cliffs, the wild grasses and their beautiful colours, especially during Fall season as you can below in the pictures, and sheep that have replaced the soldiers for a while now.

And anecdotally, La Pointe du Hoc is called that way because:

  • there is a “needle” (translation in French: “Pointe”) that faces the sea at the bottom of the cliff
  • and “Hoc” actually means in old English point of land!

And you, have you ever visited one of our beaches, if yes what did you feel?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Walk: Approx. 2h

Car park: free

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