What to do in Houlgate?

Hi there! I’m coming back with an article about Normandy, because I wanted to show you a seaside resort that we tend to forget! Indeed Deauville and Cabourg are right next to it and far more popular! So this time I wanted to highlight another town on the Normandy coast that is just a pretty: Houlgate!

Why will you enjoy visiting Houlgate?

  • The town centre and the beach are just as charming as Deauville. However, because it’s less popular you’ll enjoy your visit as there are not that many tourists! As spring is on its way, and beautiful days coming, it’s something you’ll appreciate!
  • Houlgate has an impressive architecture with nearly 300 villas made with different styles Gothic, Renaissance and of course Norman! You’ll discover two Grand-hotels and … the casino of course! Because to be a proper seaside resort in Normandy, you need a casino.
  • It’s really nice to wander along the main street and visit its small shops. For example, you can bring some souvenir such as Norman products at Biscuiterie Jacques Delaunay, taste delicious chocolates and sweets at Chaudemanche, or sit at Le Royalty bar and admire the view of the beach on one side, and on the other the one of the Grand Hotel (and enjoy a good waffle and coffee in the way!).

What do you think about Houlgate? Have you ever been?

Boujou (the Norman wy to say XOXO)

Infos :

Walk: approx. 1h30


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