Washington DC in 3 days ! #1 : the Mall !

Hi there, I’m so happy to share with you our trip to Washington DC! I wanted to do something fun to celebrate 2016, so I visited the city during 3 days at the beginning of January. I stayed at a AirBnB in the Near Northeast neighborhood, which was approximately 20 minutes walk from the city center.

The trip was short but I still managed to discover many places! First thing you need to know about Washington DC is that the city has two faces. The first one, it’s obvious and you probably already know it, because we see it in movies: the political and cultural city, with the White house, the Capitol, all the memorials and museums. To discover the second one you’ll need to get off the path and go to Georgetown, where everything is happening thanks to the university and student life!

Let’s go to the Mall (No! not this one ! Sorry big fan of this serie)! This avenue is the most important road in the city, and all monuments are on or around it. The Washington Monument: this 168 meters tall very massive and H-U-G-E obelisk, if you’re lucky enough (unlike me) you can even go to the top to admire the view (you’ll have to make a reservation at the bottom, at least one day before going). The National World War II Memorial is full of symbols: 56 columns represent each states who took part into the war, 2 arches represent the Pacific and Atlantic armies, and 4000 stars figure on the Freedom Wall, each one symbolizing 100 American death. Finally the Lincoln Memorial, where sits the 16th President of the United States.

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