Washington DC #2 : Capitol & Georgetown

Hello, I’m back with for my second day in Washington DC! This second day was the most studious, you want to know why?

I visited the US Capitol in the morning (you can plan your visit here) and it was definitely worth it, especially if you come from abroad like me because you’ll learn so much about the american history! Can you imagine my face when I discovered Pocahontas was real and not just a Disney character?!

Then I got under the skin of Benjamin Gates (you know these movies, right?!?) and visited the Library of Congress but as I’m not a famous scientist yet (yup no VIP pass to get in but a PhD should do the trick), I wasn’t allowed to see the Reading room which is the most amazing room of the building! Next to this building, you can also admire the Supreme court, that is quiet impressive too!

Throughout the afternoon I wandered in Georgetown (took a Uber to go there and it costs me approximately $10), saw the Cathedral, the university, and finished the day shopping (because you have to seize every opportunity to find a good deal ;D )!

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