Vieux-la-Romaine : a roman city next to Caen

Hello, you probably know our irreducible Gallic, Asterix and Obelix, who live in Armorica? Yes, all of Gaul has been occupied by the Romans, so it’s not surprising to find vestiges in Normandy, and especially in Vieux la Romaine!

Few minutes from Caen, Vieux was built on Aregenua, a gallo-roman city, where Viducasses were living. Nowadays, you can visit 3 buildings: the famous maison au grand peristyle, the U house and the Forum (unfortunately I couldn’t see this last one during my morning exploration).

  • La Maison à la cour en U : It was probably a merchant or artisan house. Its nickname was determined regarding its U shape. Because it’s on the heights of Vieux, you should take few minutes to enjoy the breathtaking view on its surrounding countryside and its green fields (yep! Whatever the season, grass is always green in Normandy!)
  • La Maison au grand Peristyle : this domus, is a typical Mediterranean house because it was built around a central garden. Its specificity? The heating system adapted to Normandy climate! And probably the only palmtree in Normandy :D!!!
  • Le Forum: the most important place because it was link the political, economic and religious life in the city!

There is even more to see in the town: it’s possible to visit the museum and learn more about Aregenua inhabitants and habits, but also from April to December you can attempt workshops and artisanal shows. For more information:

Vine vini vicci and boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO) !

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