Times Square, to boost your energy !

Hello, today I’m taking you to the heart of New York, at Times Square! If you’re agoraphobic … maybe it’s better to go another way … but personally I feel full of energy when I’m surrounded by people, so Times Square is a place where I feel good and a must-see!

We’ve all already seen pictures of this square with its neon lights, big posters, large buildings, many theaters … and in reality, when you discover it from the famous red steps that are right in the middle of Times Square, it’s really what you see in those pictures! So you feel small, in the middle of this giant anthill, so crowded and cosmopolitan (of course it is a place to see when visiting New York, so there are so many nationalities)!

It’s good to have a walk around but also to rest, as you’ll find colorful tables and chairs ready to welcome you next to the American flag neon lights. And there are also plenty things to do Times Square, like shopping (you don’t want to miss the Yankees store, if you want to buy the so cliché but so irresistible hat from the team), see a musical, eating too much M&Ms at their store, or even enjoy “15 Seconds of Fame”. Indeed if you go to the American Eagle Outfitters stores you can take a picture inside and 15 minutes later approximately, you’ll see it outside on their big screen during 15 seconds, exciting right?

But the funniest thing about Times Square is that you don’t see the difference between day and nighton because of all the lights: D!

It’s really easy to go there as almost all lines stop there, go out at 42nd street station!

And you, have you already visited Times Square? What did you feel?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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