Things to do in the Cotswolds for a weekend trip

Hello! The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to take a break in the Cotswolds, in England. So I took advantage of a weekend to visit some of the best villages in Cotswolds and nearby. They are all just as charming as each other. Especially with the various Christmas decorations! So I share with you my 3-day tour and tell you what are the things to do in the Cotswolds, my favourites places, hotel, shopping and restaurants tips!

The Cotswolds outdoor and its villages

First of all, let’s look on a map what they look like! The Cotswolds are a chain of hills that lie in the south west of England. This area is made up of 6 counties. But during my weekend trip I only visited Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. I also ventured out of the area for various reasons: a wedding, bank account issues, and because I was going back north to Derbyshire!
During this weekend in the Cotswolds I rent a car as I needed more freedom. So I visited the region by myself. However, if you feel more comfortable having a guided tour of the Cotswolds, there are many organized tours. This gives you a little less freedom, but potentially a lot less stress as well. Especially if you don’t like driving on the left like me!


My hotel in the Cotswolds

During this weekend I stayed at the Cotswold Gateway Hotel which is honestly very good value for money. It’s especially well located to visit the Cotswolds as it;s right in the middle and close to Oxford. Comfortable bed, very clean room and bathroom, and above all access to the restaurant which makes good dinner and a superb breakfast! I insist on this last one because it’s my favorite dish of the day, and if like me you love the benedict eggs you’ll agree!
There are of course other hotels nearby. So feel free to take a closer look below to find your dream hotel:


Things to do in the Cotswolds my weekend trip step by step

The best villages from Tewkesbury to Stow-on-the-wold

I started the road trip in Tewkesbury. This town is actually not part of the Cotswolds, but it was one of my favourites villages! It was not originally planned (I had to go to the bank! Woop Woop!) Therefore it became one of these pleasant surprises. I liked it so much for three reasons, and I let you discover these ones in the dedicated article. One thing is certain, my Norman compatriots will be delighted!
Then I left to go to one of the best villages in the Cotswolds: Bibury! A village where all the houses are built with local stone!
Finally, I headed to Stow-on-the-wold with a stop at Northleach. These villages are also super pretty and characteristic of the Cotswolds! I then reached my hotel in Burford.

Things to do in Oxford and Burford

Morning Oxford!!! This student city is not part of the Cotswolds but I had to go there to meet wedding guests. So I combined business with pleasure by visiting the city for about two hours! And it is absolutely beautiful! The city was built with limestone from the region and the architecture of the various buildings is impressive!

In the afternoon, I wandered around Burford for a good two hours as well.

Broadway in the Cotswolds and Stratford-upon-Avon

As I was going North to Derbyshire, I took the opportunity to stop at the Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds. I simply loved the view from the top and learnt more about its history!
Then I visited Stratford-upon-Avon which is the town of a famous british writer! It’s also not part of the Cotswolds, but it’s only a few minutes by car! It would therefore be a shame not to stop and wander in its centre!

Have you ever visited the Cotswolds? Are the pictures changing your mind ? Thank you in advance for your comments and questions! I’m always happy to answer!

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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