The best pizzeria on earth is in Caen

Hi there, I know what you are going to say, “but you’re exaggerating, the best pizzeria in the world cannot be in Caen …blablabla” and yet I can assure you that I’m telling the truth! I’ve traveled quite a lot, and even in Italy when I was younger (even if we do agree being 30 years old is young) and I’ve never eaten a pizza as delicious as the ones at Amalfi in Caen! I’ve never been disappointed, and you should know that in my family, it’s our Saturday night ritual; so if you calculate 25 years (because yes I’m not sure that I ate pizza before being 5 years old) multiplied by 52 Saturdays in a year + some of the extra time I went there with friends …whatever it’s a lot of pizzas!

I think that what makes the difference with other pizzerias is of course the quality of the products, the recipes and secrets of the house (for example the simmered vegetables, the pizzaiolos’skills) and the typical oven. I often take a Calzone with extra eggplant, because the eggplants taste like Heaven, and something light as a desert, as their amazing tiramisu 😀 It will cost you less than 30€!

Regarding the restaurant’s decoration, as you can see on the few photos it’s really basics like family decorations, a picture of Italy here and there, a collection of bottles and a picture of Ferrari, as if you were at home, and the decor hasn’t changed for years, this is what makes the pizzeria even more typical!

All I need to add is Bon appétit (or as we would say in Normandy “ayiz the goulde in papène”) !

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