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Secret d’Apothicaire – the Made in Normandy candle from Deauville

Hi there! When I receive an invitation to attend to the official launch of a Norman brand, I say yes immediately! So I’m going to tell you more about my big crush for Secret d’Apothicaire!

Why should you become a big fan of Secret d’Apothicaire?

A week ago, I had the chance to witness the inauguration of Deauville’s candle in a very nice place, as it took place in an art gallery in Deauville (of course)! I became a fan of this brand not only because Secret d’Apothicaire makes its candles in a traditional way in Normandy, but also because they are made with natural products (100% natural wax of soy and bee). Also, I was amazed to discover a successful family business and wanted to support them!

I had a real love at first sight for the “iodized” scent with which I left. What would be your favourite perfume?

Boujou (the norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

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