Secret d’Apothicaire, a Made in Normandy candle

Hi there! When I receive an invitation to attend the official launch of a Made in Normandy brand, I say yes immediately! I’m always curious and like to discover new brands and products from my home country France, and especially if there are form my region. So I’m going to tell you more about the big crush I had for Secret d’Apothicaire, a brand inspired by Deauville!

Why should you welcome a candle from Secret d’Apothicaire at home?

A week ago, I had the chance to be at the inauguration of Secret d’Apothicaire, the candle brand from Deauville. The official launch took place in a very nice venue, as it was organised in an art gallery in Deauville (of course)! I became a big fan straight away! First of all, because the brand makes its candles in a traditional way in Normandy. All the candles are also made with natural products, with 100% natural wax of soy and bee. Natural candles are an healthier choice for your home compared with most conventional candles which are made of paraffin, or other petroleum-derived counterparts. Why? Because these last ones often contain hormone-disrupting phthalates which are not good for our health. Fortunately, several candle options can safely illuminate your space, so to sum up I always go for natural candles!

A family business 100% Made in Normandy

During the event, we had the chance to know more about the business itself and meet the founders. I was really amazed to discover a successful family story dedicated to stay authentic! Another reasons to fall in love with Secret d’Apothicaire and support them!

I had a real love at first sight for the “iodized” scent, and brought this one home with me. What would be your favourite perfume?

Boujou (the norman way to say XOXO)

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