What to do in Saint Aubin sur Mer – a cosy break on the Norman coast

Hello! During my last visit in Normandy, I decided to chill an afternoon in Saint Aubin sur Mer. A very invigorating experience, as the wind decided to join me.

What does a cosy break look like in Saint Aubin sur Mer?

First of all, let’s make a small geographical point: I’m speaking about Saint Aubin sur Mer in Lower Normandy. Indeed, there is also a city with the exact same name in Upper Normandy. It’s our indecisive Norman side, playing with you again. Where should we put Saint Aubin sur Mer? Upper or lower Normandy? Maybe yes, maybe not? (or as we say in Normandy “P’têt ben qu’oui, p’têt ben qu’non?)? Let’s have Saint Aubin sur Mer on both side?! Anyway, this seaside town is part of the mother of pearl coast, such as Ouistreham that I’ve already told you about.
As I told you earlier the weather wasn’t really on my side the day I visited the town, so I just had an quick tour in the center. I still had time to enjoy: pretty colorful and half-timbered houses, narrow streets that you can find all around town (and they are real wind corridors) and the seafront. After a few minutes walk, I decided to warm up in a coffee shop, called ‘Aux Bains des mots’, for a comfy break in the middle of books.

Do you know this Norman seaside town? Would you discover it?
Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)


Walk: 45 minutes[mappress mapid=”69″]

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