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Road Trip Scotland – 3 reasons to start packing now

Hi there! After 11 days discovering Scotland, I thought I had to tell you why I wanted to go so badly? Scotland was my “dream travel” since the day I saw some pictures on the internet (it must be at least … .oops so long ago!). And I wasn’t disappointed at all with the trip! Scotland doesn’t only comes with rain, understanding nothing because of the Scottish accent and fish & chips! Now I’m telling you 3 good reasons to start packing immediately!

1. The obvious one: its fauna and flora

Outside the main cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, nature has the power. During my road trip, I visited the West of Scotland, including the islands of Mull, Skye and went to Loch Maree a little further north. I was able to admire breathtaking wild landscapes, all as different as each other. The little bonus? Spotting wild animals during walks, including deer!

2. The authentic scottish culture

It has inspired both the literature and the cinematographic art: Eilean Donan’s castle (that you might have seen in the James Bond movie, “The World is not Enough”), Glenfinnan viaduct(Harry Potter fans where are you?), sheep everywhere, the most stylish cows in the world with their bangs, the energy in Glasgow and the typical architecture in Edinburgh. Let’s not forget the bagpipes and men in kilts (do my eyes shine as much as yours?!). Sorry but I have to tell you more about the link with Normandy, as after the conquest of William the Conqueror, some Norman went to settle there, like the Bruce (not surprising that I felt so good there as well)!

3. Its gastronomy

Of course you’ll find fish and chips, but not only. With all these sea/lochs, be ready for fresh fish and seafood dishes. You’ll also enjoy its sweets like the “Caramel” bar or the “Tea Cakes” that are delicious. But as Scotland attracts the whole world, and if like me you’re lucky enough, you may find an Australian coffee shop and discover specialties (cannot stop thinking about this Butterbing!).

I hope that the few pictures below will awaken your interest for Scotland and I’ll give you more details about my road trip in the next articles!

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Road Trip: 11 days

Distance: approx. 1000 km


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