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Road Trip in Scotland – Day 4, Glenfinnan viaduct and the Isle of Skye

Hello, the road trip in Scotland continues, and after the Isle of Mull it’s towards the Isle of Skye that I’m heading.

Why you need to stop at Glenfinnan Viaduct?

As the drive to reach Isle of Skye is about to last 4:30, I stopped at the Glenfinnan viaduct. I was so glad being into my favorite childhood hero shoes, Harry Potter, while wearing my non-invisibility cloak! In the movies, you can indeed admire the Glenfinnan viaduct when the train goes to Hogwarts. Unfortunately I only wandered about 30 minutes (in the rain) around the place. Indeed, I had to leave to reach Mallaig on time to take the ferry to the Isle of Skye. I took the 2pm boat (book tickets here) to give me enough time to enjoy my bewitching morning break, and to also have enough time and hike at the Nest Point lighthouse in the north of Skye.

Nest Point lighthouse: One of the best view in Isle of Skye

For a breathtaking view of the cliffs, a sunset over the lighthouse and a breath of fresh air (the wind is “just a bit” violent there) you are in the right place! It was the walk that pleased me the most in Isle of Skye. Indeed, Nest point is popular, but it’s easy to get off the main path and escape the stream of tourists. This is for me the best to appreciate the nature at its best.

To eat, I strongly recommend the Stein Inn which was the very first Inn to open in Skye! You’ll find a friendly atmosphere as well as fresh and local products. This should fill you up for a very reasonable price. Regarding accommodations, I spent the night in this B&B and the welcome I had with very friendly! Plus you can make your own breakfast (savoury or sweet)!

I’m curious to know which place you like the most?

Ready to explore Isle of Skye even more?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Difficulty level

  • Glenfinnan: easy
  • Nest Point Light House: average

Stein Inn: ££

B&B: ££


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