Road Trip in Scotland: Day 2, hiking at Loch Lomond and visiting Tobermory on the Isle of  Mull

Road Trip in Scotland: hike at Loch Lomond and visiting Tobermory on the Isle of  Mull ¦ Day 2

Hi there! I woke up at Garelochhead, and had a savoury and greedy breakfast in a lovely coffee shop: The Perch Cafe! Then departure for Loch Lomond and more precisely Sallochy for a hike of about 3 hours (with at least 45 minutes of photos) just to warm up!

The Sallochy hike to enjoy the best view over Loch Lomond

This hike is easy with a slight drop. Sometimes you’re in the middle of the forest, sometimes enjoying the sun from the path. It will take you to the Dun Maoil where you have a superb view of Loch Lomond. I did a mix of the hikes that you’ll see on the route map below, starting with the Blue Trail (Woodland Trail), then the Red (Sallochy Trail), ending with the red and blue one. This way allows you to access the view point faster, so if you are in a hurry and cannot do the whole loop I advise you to do the same. Then I went back on the road to reach Oban my second destination.

Taking the ferry to the Isle of Mull and first visit of Tobermory

After 2:30 driving, I arrived at Oban and patiently waited for my ferry to go to the Isle of Mull. I took the 18:10 ferry ride to enjoy my day at Loch Lomond and arrived at Tobermory around 8pm. The town is full of charm with its colorful houses. My Norman roots make me feel like I’m in Honfleur for a few minutes. I enjoyed a good fish and chips at the food truck!

Tips: If you want to go to the Isle of Mull, I advise you to book as soon as possible the ferry. You can buy tickets here and for 2 people and 1 car it should cost you about £40. You’ll need to book an hotel in Tobermory as soon as possible as well as it’s a popular destination in Scotland. I booked this AirBnb which was very nice, and breakfast included for £63.

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What do you think about this second stop? Do you have any questions?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Sallochy walk: easy

AirBnb: from £63 per night (breakfast included)


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