Riverside park – my favourite park in NYC

Hi there! When someone mention a park in New York, you obviously think about Central Park, or even Prospect Park straight away. So I’ll tell you about a less known one, which was my favourite for the 2 years I lived there.

Why is Riverside Park my favourite park in the big apple?

  1. Because the park is so big there are always new areas to discover: it’s the second biggest park on Manhattan, after Central Park. Officially it goes from 125th to 72nd street, but here is a good tip, you should continue to wander until the 59th, because there are many nice places to just relax and enjoy the view!
  2. The views from Piers are amazing! (especially the one from the Pier on the 70th street)
  3. Obviously it’s not the park where all the tourists go, so it’s quite calm (said “quite” because the highway is next to it)
  4. Because sunsets are just stunning there! (so romantic, we know)
  5. And especially…because it smells like salty sea air! You’ll feel like Normandy beaches are right around the corner! True story!

Here some pictures of Riverside Park, taken at the middle of March! So are you gonna add it to your list?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Perfect for cycling or blades  [mappress mapid=”55″]


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