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Restaurant Les Deux Ponts in Honfleur !

Hi there, looking for a good place to eat in Honfleur ? Let’s go to Les Deux Ponts especially if you like seafood and crêpes!

The restaurant is a few steps from the marina, so you wont enjoy the view, but the quality/price ratio is excellent. For €17.80 I took the Matelot menu with:


  • as a starter, “cassolette de fruits de mer » which is a fondue with seafood and leeks
  • as a main dish, the specialty of the restaurant “la Ficelle Honfleuraise”, it’s a crêpe garnished with fish and vegetables with a cream sauce (so delicious and original)
  • finally as a dessert, I couldn’t resist and took another crêpe, but this time with salted butter caramel!


The place is no-frills, as I love them! So you want to try it ?

Bon appétit (or as we’d say in Normandy “ayiz la goule en papène”) !

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