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Ready for some sweetness ?

Hi there, in this post, you’ll discover a one of a kind, full of charm and sweetness tea house in Caen, named “Les petites douceurs” (translation “the little sweets”, perfect name right?!)

A very cozy place to enjoy a hot or cold beverage, as we did with a smoothie and an orange blossom iced tea, and/or an old fashion homemade pastry: we went for the cheesecake and Mirabelle Pie (#yummyinmytummy)! And all of that for approximately €7 per person. You’ll definitely feel at home, comfy, speaking with your friends for hours, either on the terrace or inside, in the 2 floors house.

A sweet and girly break!

Boujou (the Normand way to say XOXO)

Infos pratiques :


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