Prospect Park, the green place to be in Brooklyn

Prospect Park is like the Central Park of Brooklyn, but more wild and friendly than this last one! It’s in Park Slope district, where you can also find the Brooklyn museum but also the Botanical garden (I was talking about it here few months ago if you missed it).

More wild and quiet than Central Park, you can walk around the pathways and loose every connection with the citylife (both literally and figuratively as phone connection was lost at some point) as it’s impossible to discern buildings in some areas. Its more friendly side comes from…food! Yep, it’s possible to organize BBQ as there is free access to barbecue grills in this park, and let’s be honest, when you live in a small apartment, it’s a priceless privilege! The other nice surprise of this Prospect Park is also the Boathouse on the Lullwater of the Lake, with its columns, lake and swans…romantic atmosphere at sunset!

You also need to see the Grand Army Plaza in the north of the park, with its beautiful arch and fountain!

Enjoy your visit !

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