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Port en Bessin – with an exceptional weather

Hi there! It’s with an exceptional weather (no rain, it may seem exceptional indeed, but this is not the point I wanted to emphasize today) with a wind from the north and an impressive tide, that I visited Port en Bessin! This town is located by the sea, in the heart of Normandy landing beaches!

What to do in Port en Bessin?

The town is ideal to take a deep breath of fresh air, especially with a wind from the north! Several times, I even felt like I couldn’t move forward as the wind was too strong ! The most impressive experience of the day was to see the foam fly from the beach! It looked like it was snowing! In addition, although the harbor is closed, the waves were so strong that they crashed on the path and came right at the bottom of the houses! My only regret was not being able to walk along the dike this time as it would have been dangerous!
It’s also very pleasant to wander in the narrow streets and small shops of Port en Bessin and live enjoy the fishermen way of life! If like me you visit the town in winter, then I recommend the Au Vauban restaurant to warm you up.

Do you know this Norman fishing port? What are your first thought?
Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Visit: approx. 1 hour


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