One World Trade Center – incredible view over New York

Hi There! New York from the top, is always a good idea! Even if it’s really nice to discover it from a rooftop, the view from the One World Trade Center is just one of a kind!

Why should you visit the One World Trade Center?

This is one of the most popular attraction in New York, so I strongly recommend to plan your visit. Indeed, you can buy your tickets on the One World Trade Center website a few days before your visit. I advises you to go there a little before sunset, to admire the view with the different lights of the day, sunset and the night!

My favorite part? When you’re facing the Empire State Building, because you can admire various architectures, and see how every building is different. At this particular moment, you’ll realize how tiny you are compared with Manhattan and its limitless streets full of activities like an agitated anthill under your feet! That being said, photos being worth a thousand words.

Have you ever visited the One World Trade Center? What did you feel?

Enjoy the view!

Infos :

Address: 285 Fulton St, New York, NY 10007, USA

Price:  from $34

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