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Manoir de Grandouet – an authentic distillery

Lover of quality products as you are, this tour is for you! There are many distilleries in Normandy, especially in the Pays d’Auge area, and the Manoir de Grandouet is definitely one to see! First of all, the place is so typical: you’ll love its half-timbered farmhouse, apple trees and the chapel that can be seen in the hills. Secondly you’ll also experience a warm welcome !

During the tour, you’ll understand the manufacturing processes of the apple-based beverages that are the hallmark of the region: Apple juices, Ciders, Pommeau and Calvados. You’ll discover old style and brand new pressing machines, the alembic used for the distillation, and barrels dating back to 1792 (still used for fermenting cider). Finally, you’ll be able to taste the products for the greatest pleasure of the palates (you should definitely try Poiré, another specialty, made from pears) !

Enjoy your visit, and your tasting!!!

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