Look #9 : A boho hike !

Hi there, I don’t know what you feel about this, but I really want to believe in a nice Indian summer ?! So here it is, sharing with you an outfit worn a few weeks ago during a 2 hour hike on Jersey Channel Island!

Because we can hike and be feminine at the same time! In this case, it also helped me to make a new friend as a butterfly followed me for 15 minutes, probably thinking I was a giant flower!

This playsuit from Boohoo, with all these flowers is perfect for the Indian summer season with its sleeves so you don’t catch a cold because of the wind near the sea, my Superstar white sneakers (of course you need a good pair of sneakers for a hike) and Adèle long white earrings and a Emma necklace in the same colors to perfect the bohemian and feminine look.

And you what is your favorite hiking look?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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