Look #4 : My oversize cardigan!

Hi there, new comfy look on the blog today, with an oversized cardigan that is just perfect for spring! What I love about this season is that you can go out with a big sweater rather than wearing a jacket everytime (even if, that day I had to wear a coat, because I’m living on an island so there is wind), and this time I couldn’t resist this white cardigan from Monoprix. An essential, easy to wear and that goes with every other clothes (pants, dresses, skirts … whatever).

Here I decided to wear it with my Tee-shirt from Le Rébus Nouveau, didn’t want to look like a wise little girl (and yes when you live in the UK, the “French kiss” speaks for itself!!!), my classy pants from Sinequanone and my famous pair of Super stars because yes, as you guessed well, this day I was as always wandering (I was waiting for my boat to visit Elisabeth’s castle in Jersey Channel Islands actually)! Finally because I love playing with accessories, I chose Little Normandy jewelry, with Adelheid and Emma in red tones to match the color of the kiss on my Tee-Shirt and bring a touch of greed!

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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