Look #3: Rock and chic look in Houlgate !

Hi there, I come back with a new style, this time a little bit more chic than usual, as I left the sneakers in the closet, and instead decided to wear flat boots (yes always more comfy when you have a walk, and especially when you plan to play on Houlgate’s beach)!

To stay warm this winter I bet on a superb leather jacket from Karma Koma (an investment but worth it for a timeless clothes like this), a pastel pink knit sweater from La Redoute with a big knot In the back to bring a romantic touch vs the leather jacket rock style. For a change (or not) I wear a high waist legging Zara with leather straps on the side, that goes perfectly with jacket, and Minelli boots (I just love this brand because of its good price-performance ratio). Regarding the accessories, I’m wearing Little Normandy jewels in the same pastel pink tones than my sweater to add a delicate touch to the look.

And you, what is your favorite piece/accessory this winter?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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