Look #10 : Rock and romantic style !

Hi there, I realized a few weeks ago, that I was always showing looks from walks or hikes… while in everyday life, I look more like a #businessgirl…but still wearing leggings don’t worry!

For a rock and romantic style, I decided to create a contrast with a black legging (from Zara for a change: D) that has a strong shaping power, leather boots from Roxy who are a little wide to highlight the rock side of the look, and a burgundy lace top found at Naf Naf, with closure in the back! To accessorizes this outfit: a big camel leather bag from Paul Marius (#Normandypower) that goes absolutely with everything, and, of course KLOTHILDE earrings that I chose in burgundy colors to match with my top, and a NAIS bracelet in neutral tones.

And you, you put them on what to play it rock?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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