Look #1 : Urban escapade in Honfleur

Hi there! So happy to share this first look with you! You’ll quickly realize that my fashion trick is above all comfort, especially when I decide to go for more adventures!

Here is a casual look I wore when visited Honfleur in early November (the blog post about Honfleur escapade is here):

  • A pair of Stan Smith (leopard pattern on the back to bring a girly touch) which are very good walking shoes when wandering in paved streets
  • A Zara leggings, with a nice detail in the belt: my favorite comfortable piece! Americans love this kind of outfits, and they are right! It’s a simple piece that goes with everything, you feel so free to move with it, its high waist like mine leaves no room for a draft at your back (as it may be the case in Normandy :D) that would freeze you!
  • A pale pink sweater from Season: its small golden stars in the back bring lightness to the outfit
  • A silver Zara jacket: this is the first but definitely not the last time you’re gonna see this one! I just love its metallic side that assets every style!
  • Little Normandy Jewelry: to break the sportwear look and bring a bit of delicacy, I bet on the Giverny collection with the pale pink OTTILIA earrings and a big ADELHEID bracelet with the same color tones.
  • Heylescopines pocket: that I carry everywhere because it’s so useful!

Hope you like this first look!

Boujou (the norman way to say XOXO)

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