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London – the 10 must-see places for your first travel !

Hello, sorry for these 2 months of silence, January and February were pretty busy over here! But I’m coming back to talk about London, where I spent 5 days in January! There will be several dedicated articles, but for the first one, I wanted to talk to you about the 10 must see places in London when you visit the city for the first time. I had to dig a little in my memories as I was 20 years old during my my first visit… already 10 years ago !!!

1. Big Ben and Parliament

I think we all have the Big Ben in mind, this majestic tower that is part of the Parliament! It is also possible to visit this last one. I really recommend this tour to learn more about how the UK political system works, its history and because the building is just as beautiful inside as it is from the outside. You can make reservations here so you don’t have to queue for hours. It’s not allowed to take pictures inside unfortunately so I can’t show you anything but it’s really up to scratch!

2. Westminster Abbey

No need to go far because Westminter Abbey is in front of the Big Ben! It’s a place steeped in history and linked with Normandy (#chauvinism), since William the Conqueror was crowned on December 25, 1066, after invading England. Since then all British monarchs have been crowned in Westminster Abbey. As William wanted to assert his power, he asked Norman architects and masons to build abbeys and castles in the UK, and these ones brought stones from Caen to use them for the construction of many buildings such as the Abbey of Westminster, but also the Tower of London for example!

3. Tower of London

The Tower of London which is also a must-see place in London, especially when you are Norman (yes I’m talking about Normandy again) since its construction began at the end of the year 1066, following the conquest of William. On the White Tower, which gave its name to the whole castle, the details on the facing are in Caen stone also #normandypower!

4. Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge, that I so famous thanks to its architecture!

5. Buckingham Palace

We continue on the historical part with the Buckingham Palace that you cannot miss especially if we want to say hello to Elizabeth II (or her grandchildren ;D #helloharry)! You can even visit the building here. Personally I never had the chance but if you did please tell us in the comments below! Take also the opportunity to admire the changing of the guards that usually takes place around 11:30 (except on rainy days)!

6. Hyde Park

Hyde Park, which is the green lung of London, or for the former New Yorker that I am, London’s Central Park! A place full of life … especially in summer because in winter of course, apart from runners and some brave walkers, it is quiet !

7. Covent Garden

Covent Garden and its neighborhood! The perfect place to do some shopping, especially if you’d like to discover local artists and their craft products which are located in the indoor market !

8. Notting Hill

Notting Hill, this colorful London’s neighborhood that is absolutely full of charm with its typical aligned buildings and their cute doors! I hope to meet Hugh Grant someday, but I think it’s only fiction unfortunately! I tested a delightful brunch there, the Egg Break, that I’ll talk to you about soon, with a very good value for money ( + the restaurant is open on January 1 !!!)

9. Picadilly Circus & Regent Street

You have to go to Picadilly Circus and Regent street for the architecture and its vibrant energy! It feels like Times Square, many people, tourists, locals, and so many shops! At Christmas, decorations of all kinds make these places even more magical!

10. Museum of Natural History

The Museum of National History! If you visit London in winter you can enjoy its outdoor rink. Of course, you can also visit the museum at any time in the year. It’s an impressive place as much for its architecture as for the big beasts around there. Both London and New York National History museum are places to see!

And you, what are your must see places in London? Share in the comments so that the community can exchange and have access to good deals!

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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Egg Break: ££

Address: 30 Uxbridge St, London W8 7TA

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