Le Vauban – Restaurant in Port-en-Bessin

Hi there! While visiting Port-en-Bessin I was looking for a good seafood restaurant! If you are a big fan of seafood as well, this post is for you! Indeed, I’m sharing an amazing place in this town which is built around a fishing port !

Le Vauban and its sea food meals

This restaurant is simply stunning thanks to the quality and freshness of its products! We opted for the € 27.90 Garni menu (Entree-Main-Dessert) and tested the following meal:

  • entrees: the seafood plate, that would have also been enough as a main course as it was as generous as it could be, and fish soup (with croutons and gruyère cheese of course)
  • as mains, fish it was: with salmon and grilled brill (and their delicious white butter sauce). As you might have guess the butter sauce is popular in Normandy!
  • and to conclude this perfect lunch, as desert: we took the profiteroles and chocolate cream. Just so we could feel light the rest of the day!

Bon appétit ! or we’ll say in Normandy “ayiz la goule en papène”

Infos  :

Address: 6 Rue du N, 14520 Port-en-Bessin-Huppain

Price: between €17.90 à €37.50

Menu : available here


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