Jersey – the island sprinkled with snow

Hello! I thought my first article of 2018 would be about London, but I decided to improvise one about Jersey, because today we had a snowstorm (I feel like they are following me, do you remember Jonas in New York?!) and it’s very unusual on the island.

I was stuck in my parish Trinity all day. Indeed, the phenomenon is so rare that no bus were coming on my side of the island! It may seem funny because as you can see on my pictures, there is 5cm of snow rather than 30cm! Anyway, I enjoyed seeing the island sprinkled with snow and I’m glad I can now share it with you! And thankfully my friends managed to go to work and send me some pictures of the island, from Gorey or even Le Havre des Pas!

And you, you are warm at the moment or under the snow too?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)



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