Jersey Island, its famous Battle Of Flowers in St Helier

This summer for the first time ever, I attended a very special event on the island of Jersey: the famous Battle Of Flowers ! A festival full of colours and creativity that takes place every year in August in Jersey.

The story of the Jersey Battle of Flowers

Let’s start with a bit of history here. The first Battle of Flowers was held in Jersey in 1902 to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII. The parade was a real success so the organisers decided to replicate the event the following year. This is how the tradition started, and it has been celebrated every year since then. Except during the First and Second World Wars as all festivities were cancelled.

What happens during the Battle Of Flowers?

For about 3 hours, the island of Jersey encourages and admires the floats made by the 12 Parishes (equivalent of counties) and local charities. These floats are entirely decorated with flowers and individuals are dressed and dance on and around the floats creating a superb atmosphere. This one is very friendly, and will amaze children as much as adults! And of course there is a bit of competitions, as the best float will receive an award at the end of the parade. Will you guess who was the winner of 2019? I’ll tell you later in the article;)

But why this name, will you ask me? Well, at the very beginning, the flowers from the floats were thrown to the young women present in the crowd. This being done in the hope that the same ladies will throw them back. But nowadays, it’s only a festival, even if flirt can still happen of course!

How can you attend the Battle of Flowers in Jersey island?

The Battle Of Flowers is held annually in August in St Helier, the main town of Jersey. The parade takes place on Thursday in the afternoon, and in the evening on the Friday. Different options are available to attend this event: you can book tickets to be in the crowd or get a proper sit. I opted for the ‘crowd’ option, and I was able to find a place right on the side of the road. I advise you to arrive at least 45 minutes in advance to make your way and find the right spot. You can check all tickets options here!

Prepare your day trip, or your stay in Jersey island for the occasion

If you come to Jersey for a one day only especially for this event, I advise you to visit Elizabeth Castle at the same time. The castle is right in front of the avenue where the parade takes place. If you stay several days, I recommend you to book your hotel, camping or Airbnb in advance! The Battle Of Flowers is indeed an event that attracts many people in Jersey. You will also find ideas of activities to do on the island, on the blog in the Jersey section.

This year, the Oliver Twist float won the Prix d’Honneur! Personally, I had a big crush for the Avatar one as I love nature. And you, which one is your favourite ?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Jersey Map

Address: Victoria Avenue, St Helier

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