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Honfleur : a norman town you must see !

Few weeks ago, we made a trip to Honfleur, with my dear friend Lucie (one of my #instagramhusband who took the photos for my last style post)! It is a must see town in Normandy if you are looking for:

  • A romantic place: (yes Lucie kept reminding that … I even had to apologize for not being her boyfriend!!!) Imagine, you wandering around its cobbled streets, together, hand in hand, admiring the colorful houses all around the harbor, and eating a good seafood plate in a restaurant with a soothing view over the harbor…
  • A cultural place: First because Eugène Boudin was born in this town (more information about the painter in this previous article), and the famous impressionist actually has a museum named after him in Honfleur. This last one is dedicated to many impressionist works and various painters (Courbet, Monet …). Unfortunately it is closed on Tuesday so now I have a good excuse to go back to there! But also because St. Catherine Church, which is located in the heights of the city, is the largest wooden church built in France with a separate bell tower (and that’s definitely something you want to see with your own eyes!)
  • A nice place to meet your friends: Is there a better way to share great moments with your friends than enjoying good pastries in a tea salon for example, or getting a shopping spree? That’s tempting, right? We definitely had a love at first sight for Agent Paper, which makes beautiful animals‘heads with recycled paper, but also plenty of other trinkets (agendas, lampshades, placemats…)

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos pratiques :


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