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What to visit in Guernsey for a weekend?

Hello, do you like the outdoors and looking for a relaxing and sporty place to spend a weekend? Guernsey is 100% for you! Next to the French and British coasts, this Anglo-Norman island is unique thanks to its authenticity and wild landscapes. I spent a weekend on the island in July, and am now sharing with you some ideas of things to do and good tips.

My bike and I took the Condor Ferry from Jersey to Guernsey on a Friday night. It’s free to bring your bike by the boat, but you can of course rent on while in Guernsey. I simply spend the evening enjoying the beautiful terrace of Ziggurat hotel, with a drink, overlooking St Peter’s Port.

Cycling around Guernsey

On Saturday, I cycled around the island. The easiest way to do it, if you prefer flat roads like me, its to go towards the North coast. You’ll be then going  South by the West coast. The most beautiful view points that I recommend are the following: Bordeaux Harbourl’Ancresse bay and its white sand beach, and especially Le Guet Fort and its stunning view on Cobo bay. Plus the pine trees wood all around are the perfect area to play like Tarzan! It was my favorite part of the weekend I must say!

I didn’t go on the south coast as I didn’t have enough time (and energy) but the cliffs are apparently beautiful! This gives me an excuse to go back. I left my hotel at 10 am and came back at 5 pm, cycled about 30 kilometers and had an hour break at Surfside.

Visiting St Peter Port

On Sunday, it rained all day so I visited St Peter Port, which is the main town in Guernsey. The town center is full of charm with its colorful shops, cobblestone streets, marina, castle and all these hanging flowers! I also walked on the path that lies to the west of the castle, behind the restaurant Octopus, to admire the view of the cliffs and the surroundings. Also, as with bad weather comes comfort food, I enjoyed my very first Afternoon Tea at the Duke of Richmond Hotel! An adventure that I will detail in the next article!

So what do you think of Guernsey?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

You can reach Guernsey by boat or plane

It’s a VERY safe place

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