Guernsey: my stay at the Ziggurat hotel in St Peter Port and good restaurants in the island

My stay at the hotel Ziggurat in St Peter Port, and my good restaurant deals during a weekend in Guernsey

Hello! In the previous article, I gave you some ideas about things to do, and my favourite places to visit in Guernsey, now it’s time to give you some good tips to find a great hotel and restaurants.

The Ziggurat Hotel, in St Peter Port: an exotic place to stay!

For a weekend, I decided to stay in St Peter Port, which is the main town to have an easy access to different restaurants and to facilitate the trips back to the port as I arrived on the island by boat.

I stayed at the Ziggurat Hotel, which is on the heights of St Perter Port, and I’m very pleased with my choice for many reasons! First for the very warm welcome with a friendly staff which is¬†always available to help and give you some advice, which for me is essential! Then, I enjoyed the atmosphere which totally made me feel like I was¬†visiting a total different country: the Middle East decoration in every rooms, the tasty dishes flavored with eastern spices, and¬† the rooftop and its splendid¬†view over St Peter Port! A one-of-a-kind¬†hotel, very different from the¬†big hotel chains and that I highly recommend!

Where to go for a quick bite on the go in Guernsey?

  • I’ve been to Surfside, on my first day when I was cycling around the island! I always try to eat local products when I travel, from an ecological point of view¬†but also because it’s so good when it’s fresh! Please let yourself be tempted by the Guernsey crab sandwich! Plus the prices are very affordable!
  • You will discover greenhouses in¬†Guernsey because the island is famous for its tomatoes. Just like Jersey, you’ll see wooden cabane¬†on the side of the roads. You can buy, if you have change, fresh products straight from the garden.

Good restaurants I recommend in St Peter Port

  • I had dinner at the Slaughterhouse which has a very appropriate name, since it’s a former slaughterhouse. If the decor is original, the dishes are traditional with prices between ¬£10 and ¬£25. I recommend booking in advance.
  • Christies, in the centre of St Peter Port, is perfect for a gourmet break too! I loved its large bay window overlooking the street, and on the other side of the restaurant you can also enjoy a view of the marina. Price between 6 and 25 ¬£.

The Duke of Richmond hotel: a perfect place for an afternoon tea in Guernsey

With bad weather comes comfort food, so on the Sunday, I decided to take a break from wandering in St Peter Port streets, and tried my first afternoon tea EVER !!!! An experience I had at the Duke of Richmond Hotel in a Savannah decor! The amuse-bouche were absolutely divine, whether they were savoury or sweet, and I ate the best scones of my life! I can tell you that after all this delicious food I was easy prey: Duke of Richmond: 1 РAudrey: 0! Regarding the prices, you should count between £22.50 and £32, and I invite you to book in advance because the place is very famous!

If you have favorite addresses in Guernsey, please feel free to share them with the community by commenting below! Merci!

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Ziggurat Hotel

From £220.50 per night, breakfast included


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