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Greenwich Village – for a boho experience in New york !

Hello! I’m going to talk to you about one of my favourite New York boroughs: Greenwich Village! Do you want to know why I like it so much?

Washington Square park, the meeting point in Greenwich Village

  • Washington Square Park is simply a must, with its atmosphere so typical and artistic. It’s great to wander in this park. You can admire various shows as NY University is all around the square and students often come and practice music or dances. Also, you can play chess in the park and enjoy the fountain as kids do! Or even better, take the time to admire its arch and the view. Indeed, on one side you’ll see the Empire State Building and on the other one the One World Trade Center!

The Village, its secrets and architecture

  • The district is one of the oldest in NYC and in terms of architecture. You’ll discover our European style and that is why it is called “the Village”. Indeed, the buildings are only a few floors, and most of the streets are paved.
  • It is a place full of history! The Stonewall Bar on 53 Christopher Street played an important role for the homosexuals’ rights. It was in 1967 the largest gay establishment in the US. Also you’ll see in Christopher Park (which is just in front of the Stonewall) two statues dedicated to commemorate the LGBT movements.
  • It’s also one of my favourite places, as you can find here the famous building of my fav’ serie “Friends”, but also private courtyards and gardens, the smallest building in New York, as well as many jazz clubs like the Blue Note or The Arthur’s Tavern (not I’ll parry a little later)!
  • At last but not least, you’ll taste there the best pizzas in New York (according to me) at Olio e Piu!

So what did you think about this borough?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO) !

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