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The best view point in Jersey – Devil’s hole

Hi there! Here is a post that I hope will amazed you and make you want to visit my island of Jersey, in the Channel Islands! Two weeks ago I did a 2 hours hike around Devil’s hole with my Irish friend Sarah . To be honest, we stopped very often to take lots of pictures so if you’re in a rush, you visit the place faster.

The most beautiful cliffs in Jersey

Before telling you what you can see, I’m going to explain why is Devil’s hole called like this! There are different theories! First, it could be because of the sound of the waves. However, another story says that the figurehead of a French ship called “La Josephine” was discovered in the crater following its wreck.

This one-of-a-kind place is located on the north of Jersey, in the Channel Islands. It’s easy to reach either by bus (number 7 from St Helier) or by car. Once at the Inn, you can either take the path that goes down, and will arrive near the devil, or take the stairs behind the Inn.

We did a bit of both, starting from the top to admire the view of the cliffs.  If you go there during a beautiful day, you’ll even be ale to see Guernsey and Sark! Just a little tip: don’t take the first door you see, but the second one which  is a bit higher up on the right. When you’ll arrive on the field, the view you’ll have will be even better! I hope you’ll meet some sheep as we did, as they make the place even more authentic! Once you arrive at the bottom of the hill, take the cliff path that goes down to the right and go East. From there you can walk to Sorel Point, and the panorama is almost as nice!

The crater in Devil’s hole

We then decided to go back to the Inn and took the path that goes down to the famous crater. Please be careful not to disturb the devil! Indeed, there is statue of him watching us! It will be on your right in between the trees. Unfortunately it was low tide so the turquoise water was out of the crater leaving us with the pebbles.

But the view is still worth the detour, right?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Parking: free at the Inn

Bus: #7 stop at Devil’s hole


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