Derbyshire – the easiest walks

Hi there! In the previous article, I gave you some tips to plan your trip to Derbyshire. Now it’s time to get right to the point! As I told you, the landscapes and walks in this region of England are very diverse. Here are some of the easiest walks you can do…

Monsal Trail (2 hours)

This old railway line, called the Midland Railway in the past, was turned into a bike path a few years ago. It now offers a nice escape for pedestrians or cyclists. You’ll enjoy beautiful landscapes as the path runs between fields, hills and rivers! The best moment I experienced during this ride was definitely going through the long tunnels as it felt unique! The easiest way to start the ride is from Hassop station where you can park and rent bicycles. I advise you to go early as the policy is first comes, first served, and the place is very popular in Derbyshire! It will cost you £12 to rent a bike for 2 hours. Honestly, it took me that amount of time to almost do the whole ride. And I took my time as I enjoyed my picnic and stopped to take pictures. It is almost flat so accessible to everyone.

Hiking around Youlgreave (2:30 hours)

After my 2 hours ride at Monsal Trail, I stayed in the surrounding area and had a peaceful walk at Youlgreave. It was only 15 minutes drive away. I parked near the church, and started my stroll from the enter of the village. I really loved the typical architecture of Youlgreave (and from Derbyshire in general) as houses are built of limestone. Personally, architecture is one of these elements that makes me feel  like I’m truly on holidays and allows me to disconnect from the place I live. Voilà I just wanted to mention it and make my point!
I advise you to take the main street, and go down the Holywell Lane, which will take you to the edge of the river. From there you can turn back to Youlgreave and follow the Bradford River. If you continue you’ll arrive at a crossing where both the Bradford and Lathkill rivers meet. If you keep walking to Coalpit lane and go down this one, you will arrive at a lovely stone bridge, that is worth a detour!

Hiking from Dovedale to Milldale (2 hours)

Another very easy and peaceful walk is the one between Dovedale and Milldale. The path follows the River Dove, and you’ll be surrounded by woods and rocks. The best part was discovering caves, which was one of the most beautiful experiences during this trip to Derbyshire!

Hike at Lumsdale waterfalls (1 hour)

You are not dreaming, there are many waterfalls in Derbyshire! Of course it’s not as impressive as the ones I’ve seen in Scotland, but it’s still a pleasant surprise! Moreover, the path along the stream was formerly used by workers who went to the water mills, so it is a place full of history as well.

What do you think about Derbyshire so far? In the next article I’ll show where to go to admire the most beautiful views, stay tuned!


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