Derbyshire – the most impressive hikes

Hi there! In the previous article, I told you about the easiest walks to do in Derbyshire. Now it’s time to talk about the most athletic ones. Indeed to go for beautiful panoramas, I had to walk higher!

The easiest hikes in Derbyshire

Black Rocks

How to get there? Nothing more simple, whether you travel by car, bike, or rollerblades … you can leave it at the parking near black rocks. It takes about 15-20 minutes walk to access the top of the rocks and admire the view! Careful with your heart, it going up straight away! But it’s really worth it, and the best is to do like locals: get there with your picnic and enjoy the sunset!

The longest hikes in Derbyshire

Stanage Edge

This hike is more difficult than Black Rocks because you have to climb longer. But once arrived at the top of the cliffs, I swear to you, it’s almost flat! I spent 3 hours there as it was so beautiful! Imagine yourself surrounded by this impressive chain of cliffs, the great views of Hope Valley and its surroundings, and the purple heather as far as the eye can see. The chain of rocks stretches about 6 km and, of course, I wanted to check how it was at the end! I advise you to do the same, and once at the end, go down the cliffs to return to the parking via the fern fields! Stanage Edge was an incredible experience during my holidays in Derbyshire for sure!

Mam Tor

To start the Mam Tor hike, you should reach Castleton and stay at the tourism office’s car park. A few steps from the parking you’ll find Hollowford road, then you’ll arrive in front of wooden barriers. If you go over them, you’ll be then on the hiking path. The walk can really start from here!
I absolutely loved crossing all these fields, and being surrounded by sheep, it feels so exotic! From above, the view is incredible, and although I’d have preferred to hike under a beautiful blue sky, seeing this wall of rain arriving near me is forever etched in my memory! Once you arrive at the highest point of Mam Tor, you can either continue the hike to other destinations, or go down the pass to go back to Castleton. This is what I did because I was already soaked! You will be impressed once again by the concrete road that has been destroyed by the movement of the mountain! It took me about 4 hours to hike at Mam Tor!

Which hike is inspiring you the most?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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