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Derbyshire – experiencing the local fairs

Hi there! After doing a few hikes and discovering castles in Derbyshire, I wanted to mingle a bit more with locals. I was lucky to pick the 2nd week of August for my holidays, as there are many fairs in the area at this period.

Ashover show

The Ashover show one of the most important fairs in the region. If you go you’ll watching various competitions: horse riding, dog training, the most beautiful chicken or the best cake! And many more! I stayed at the Ashover fair for half a day and it was enough to see everything. I really appreciated being able to find local food on the go. I also couldn’t leave without buying products from local producers like honey, my guilty pleasure!

Woolley Moor show

Ashover is a big fair and attracts lots of participants, but Woolley Moor feels more friendly as it’s smaller. Indeed, you’ll have different contests as well, but the best part is the opportunity to play boule in a tournament. On that one, I must say I didn’t honor my home country as I was eliminated in the 2nd round. If you’re a fan of air displays, you’ll be delighted because there is a historic flyby, featuring a Lancaster bomber this year, and an aerobatic show. As the fair is small I advise you to wander around town, especially since one they organize every year a scarecrow contest.

And you, how do you try to get to know the locals when you’re on holidays?
Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Ticket Ashover ticket : £10 per person

Woolley Moor ticket: £2 par person

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