Derbyshire – what can you see and do?

Hi there! I’ve visited Derbyshire, this central region of England, last August, and I was totally amazed! I’ll share with you below the schedule of my week and I hope you’d want to discover the surroundings as well!

How to get there?

As I live in Jersey, the easiest way to travel there was by plane. I arrived at Doncaster Airport and left from East Midlands. Both are about a 45 minutes drive from Woolley Moor and the Peacock at Rowsley, where I stayed during this trip. I rented a car through Avis so I took it at Doncaster and brought it back to East Midlands.

Why you should visit Derbyshire?

I will give you 3 good reasons, but it’s really hard to choose! First, because there is something for everyone. You holidays can either be sporty, like at Monsal Trail, a former railroad converted into a bike path. But they can also be more peaceful with hikes alongside rivers. Believe me or not but I was lucky enough having an amazing weather over 25 degrees, so was very happy with these shaded walks. Castles in Derbyshire are honestly as beautiful as in France: whether it’s the magnificent Chatsworth, or the authentic Haddon Hall! Finally, I liked mixing with the locals and participating in local fairs. I will come back in more detail in the next articles!

My schedule for a week trip in Derbyshire

  1. Monsal trail in the morning and relaxing stroll in Youlgreave in the afternoon
  2. Visit of Chatsworth House all day.
  3. Trek from Dovedale to Milldale, with a sunset at Black rocks and a superb dinner at Peacock
  4. Haddon Hall visit in the morning and afternoon at the Ashover show. Evening walk at Lumsdale waterfalls!
  5. Shopping at Chesterfield Market and hiking at Stanage edge
  6. Mam tor in the rain and comfort food break in Bakewell
  7. Walk around Woolley Moor and its fair!

Look forward to giving you more details in future articles!
Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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