Crèvecoeur castle – back to medieval Normandy

Hello! What do you think about a break in Normandy with a visit to Crèvecœur Castle? Unfortunately the castle is not open until spring (unless you go as a group). However, I thought that a virtual trip might be a good start while you wait for spring to come. It might make you book a holiday in Normandy straight away!

Why should you visit Crèvecœur castle?

To (re)discover Normandy in the Middle Ages! The place is typical of that period of time with the lord’s manor built on an mound and surrounded by a wall. Inside the building you can discover how life was, with different rooms such as the bedroom and the dining room. The musical instruments always fascinate me when I visit this kind of place. Indeed, centuries pass, but we keep finding (almost) the same instruments, right?
Outside the mansion, you’ll find the farmyard. The farm buildings such as the farm and the dovecote are absolutely splendid with their timber-framed design. They are even more beautiful at sunset as the light shows off their ocher colors! It’s difficult to describe the chapel, because it was full of backpacks and costumes. The day I visited Crèvecœur, there was a sort of role-playing game in the castle.  I found it a bit disappointing because the “actors” weren’t even doing that much.

My favourites parts at Crèvecœur?

The small vegetable garden just next to the chapel made me want to start my own! The dovecote’s architecture is impressive from the outside as well as from the inside. It’s wooden design is just magnificent! I also loved this castle as it was surrounded by apple trees and wild grasses! Plus, I had a big crush on the little rabbits, of course!

So what do you think about this Middle Age castle?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :



Price: 8€ per adults

Visit: approx. 2 hours

Check opening hours here

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