Chicago #3: museums, parks and hot dogs !

Last day in Chicago, and I walked a lot again! I started the day by going to the Museum Park to see a photo exhibition dedicated to Michael Jordan. Even if you’re not a fan of this player, the place is worth, with its great museums and the Michigan Lake view. I enjoyed a ride with a taxi boat again (I mentioned it in the first article) to reach the Navy Pier, and went this time to the north part of the city.

After having lunch at Portillo’s and enjoying their famous Hot Dogs, I began a long digestive walk (about 5 hours): saw the Chapel Saint James (yes, I’ m a bit chauvinistic as saint James is one of my favorite norman clothes brands), the Cultural Center and its magnificent ceilings that are located on the 2ndfloor, and was pleased to discover the Tower Hancock and its architecture (I didn’t climb, but it is possible to go to the bar on the 96th floor to enjoy the view around drinks. Ladies, my girlfriend @morgylh recommend to go to the ladies bathroom, where the view is sensational! Sorry gentlemen apparently there is nothing to see in your restroom). I was happy going back to nature again, as I entered the Lincoln Park and Zoo, went to the beach to admire the skyline. Finally, my day ended at the Elks Veterans Museum, where rooms full of marble and ceilings are really impressive.

Chicago # 4: As I said in my first article about Chicago, I came to this city for a wedding. The only pictures that I’ll reveal about this day are those from the Trump tower rooftop, just because the view is kind of…wooooow! Especially at sunset!

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