Made In Normandy

Caen Christmas market

Hello! Are you looking for activities in Normandy for December? Why not wandering at the Christmas market to find all your gifts? I went there last weekend and I find it better and better over the years!

It’s located on the Place Saint Sauveur, one of my favorite squares in Caen as the buildings all around it are authentic (so made with Caen’s stone <3) and the pink, blue and yellow wooden chalets are bringing it a friendly new face! I loved meeting Norman producers (and others of course) and was pleased to discover beautiful handmade brands, as L’atelier de Rosa which makes amazing purses!

A good tip: go to the city hall which is 5 minutes from the market (and even enjoy a Ferris wheel tour) in daylight but also at night as the illuminations are worth a look!

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos pratiques :


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