Cabourg, things to do in this romantic town

Hi there! If you are willing to chill on a sweet afternoon, calm and full of romance, Cabourg is your destination! This seaside resort on the Côte Fleurie is one of the most chic on the Normandy coast and was created in the middle of the 19th century. I share with you below some ideas about Cabourg and the things you can do!



Cabourg: things to do around town

The Marcel Proust Promenade

Stop and smell the fresh air! You cannot miss the Marcel Proust promenade which runs along the 4km of fine sandy beach and its invigorating air. On one side, miles of beaches, on the other a ‘Belle Epoque’ atmosphere. It’s the longest pedestrian way in Europe and if it is familiar to you it may have been seen at the cinema. For example at the end of the film Intouchables, or in the Film Coco Before Channel. One of the most romantic walks in Normandy (and probably in the world ?! #chauvism).
Why this name?
The famous author, Marcel Proust, ‘almost’ became a local in Cabourg. He was suffering from asthma and the sea air was beneficial to him. He stayed there for many years during the summer and the town naturally inspired him while writing novels.

Cabourg’s beach

In all weathers (well, except if it’s raining) it’s pleasant to walk along the Cabourg’s beach. During the summer, fans of water sports will be spoiled. There are loads of activities you can do in the sea such as windsurfing, paddle boarding, kite surfing or even a simple swim!
In autumn and winter, a simple stroll on the fine sand with the sound of the waves as background music will be beneficial for your mind and well-being for sure!

Things to do in Cabourg to enjoy the ‘Belle Epoque’ atmosphere?

Cabourg became a popular resort destination during the Belle Epoque thanks to the benefits of sea bathing. The bourgeois started building their second residences there. To impress their neighbours villas were designed by famous architects aiming to be as big and excessive as possible.
Multicolored buildings, half-timbered neo-Norman houses and Belle Epoque villas are therefore everywhere in town. You’ll see some very beautiful ones by walking on the Marcel Proust promenade and the Avenue de la mer. The latter is also a must in Cabourg: with the Town Hall (which is worth the detour) and its various shops. If you enjoy shopping or discovering culinary specialties of Normandy, this is the place you need to go to! This avenue is also perfect to relax in a coffee shop, restaurant, or have a delicious waffle with iced chestnuts (my favourite)!

Casino and Grand Hotel

The casino and the Grand Hôtel are famous places in Cabourg. Their architecture will take you back in time! It’s in room 414 that Marcel Proust used to stay when he visited Cabourg in summers.

Discover Port Guillaume: a quirky little harbour

When you are on the Marcel Proust promenade, facing the sea, turn right. You’ll eventually arrive at the Estuaire de la Dives. It’s a much quieter place because it’s less touristy and surrounded by wild dunes. You’ll enjoy this place which lives to the rhythm of the tides. In this little heaven, located between the tip of Cabourg and the medieval city of Dives-sur-Mer, you’ll discover Port Guillaume. To reach this pretty marina, you just have to take the bridge on your right!

How to go to Cabourg?

If you’re driving in the direction of Caen or Deauville, there are many parking lots in the city. You can also park in one of the streets before arriving in Cabourg’s town centre. Then you can walk via the Marcel Proust Promenade to reach the busiest part of town.
If you are based in Caen or nearby, I invite you to look at the timetables here. If you’re coming from Paris then check out the prices on Blablabus. There are a few buses journey from the capital and other destinations.

Hotels in Cabourg

You’ll find all types of hotels in Cabourg. I have prepared a selection below which I hope will help you make a choice:
Villa Les Mots Passants: an quirky villa just 700 meters from the beach;
Hotel Castel Fleuri: to stay in an elegant and quiet house;
The Grand Hôtel de Cabourg: the prestigious establishment where the writer Marcel Proust lived and its grandiose views of the beach;
Argentina: a beautiful house dating from 1865 which is located opposite the Casino;
Les Bains de Cabourg Hotel & Spa: perfect for treating yourself in a spa and enjoying the beach
If you’d rather be more independent, please check out this elegant apartment
If you are visiting Cabourg with your family, there is also La Villa des Sauterelles and its 3 bedrooms

What to do near Cabourg?

If you want to visit other looking-like town, then I suggest you continue on Honfleur or Deauville.
Looking to know more about our history? The Normandy landing beaches are nearby like Sword Beach in Ouistreham. For a quirky experience you can also visit Bayeux and Arromanches riding an electric bike with Petite Reine Normandie. There are also many organized circuits to discover the landing beaches.
A few minutes nearby you can visit Dives sur Mer. This is the town where William the Conqueror left to conquer England.
Finally, there is this sidecar ride from Cabourg which will take you into the Normandy countryside on the Cider route.


Ready to visit Cabourg?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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