Bolsover castle – a Norman castle in England

Hi there! Here is an article that will please my fellow Normans! During my last visit to Derbyshire and the Peak District I took the opportunity to take a look at some of the local history and culture. I discovered Bolsover castle. Guess what… It was built by a Norman!

Bolsover Castle history: let’s talk about it!

Excuse me in advance, I’m not going to give you all the details, as I want to focus on the history related to Normandy! Bolsover castle was founded at the end of the 11th century by William Peverel who was none other than a companion of William Conqueror! Indeed, following the conquest of England, William offered William (obviously a common first name at the time) many lands in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Consequently William Peverel decided to build many castles, including Nottingham and Bolsover.
Unfortunately, as Bolsover Castle wasn’t well maintained, it began to fall into ruins. However, a few centuries later, the new owner of the castle, Sir Charles Cavendish, decided to turn these ruins into the ‘Little Castle’. This is the most recent part of the estate that looks like … an impressive Norman tower! Charles had very good taste in terms of architecture!

What to see at Bolsover Castle?

Now let’s get to the point: what can you discover during a visit of the castle? The first building is an equestrian centre with its impressive wood-paneled ceiling. The old part of Bolsover Castle is in ruins, and that’s the part I liked the most! It makes the place more mysterious, and it’s interesting to figure out where the different floors were. Of course, the view from the terrace is splendid, since you can enjoy a panoramic view over Bolsover and the surrounding countryside. Finally in the Little Castle, visitors can discover lots of beautiful rooms with paintings and grand decorations. The master bedroom is particularly impressive. It will remain in my memories with its huge chimney and its colorful tapestries.

Bolsover pubs I recommend

For a well-deserved break after visiting the castle, you can enjoy the coffee shop at the reception, or, like me, go to a pub. I went to ‘The Pillar Of Rock’ on the left at the exit of the castle. This is not the finest dining in the world but it does the job and it’s quite cheap food! There are of course other pubs and restaurants in Bolsover but I couldn’t try them all!

So what do you think of this Norman touch in England?
Boujou (the kiss to Norman)


Visit: approx. 1:30

Price: £11.30 per adult

Parking: several free car parks in the town

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