Bike tour in Normandy around Bayeux and the landing beaches

Hi there! In this post, I’m sharing with you an activity in Normandy that you can do with your whole family. You’re going to enjoy these electric bike tours organized by Hugo, the founder of Petite Reine Normandie. Why did I love this adventure in Bayeux so much?

Because there is more to see than just the Bayeux tapestry!

There are plenty of things to do in Bayeux. Of course there’s the famous Bayeux tapestry, but since I have seen it before, this time I wanted to do a quirky activity. And what better way to discover Bayeux and its surroundings than by electric bike?! The tour we did was about 27km and it began in the city center, just next to the Cathedral. Hugo guided us all the way and shared many stories about where we were and what we were seeing. It was really beautiful riding through small villages and enjoying the calm of the countryside. I particularly loved arriving in Arromanches by a path that I had never taken before! With an absolutely magnificent view of the artificial harbor’s remains, its landing beach and the town itself!

Discovering Normandy by bike with a passionate

Hugo has a real passion for Normandy, especially Bayeux where he grew up. He was happy sharing many anecdotes and stories from the region throughout the bike tour. Regarding the tour itself, it lasted approximately 2:30 and was about 27km, but I swear to you, with an electric bike, it’s super easy. Using this kind of transport was a first for me, and I must admit that I was a little bit afraid about how fast the bikes went before we set off on our adventure. But of course Hugo explained how the bike worked and, honestly, it surprised me how easy it was! I took the tour called  ‘To the landing beaches, Bayeux – Arromanches‘, but Hugo offers several routes. Perhaps you will be tempted by the one near the Mont Saint Michel, or his Food and Drink tour!

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Have you ever done a guided tour by electric bike? Would you be tempted by this adventure?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

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