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Because there is not only Deauville, but Houlgate as well !

Hello, I’m coming back with an article about Normandy and because we talk a lot about Deauville as a seaside resort, I wanted this time to put forward the town of Houlgate. Here are 3 good reasons to go:

  • It’s just as charming as Deauville but less popular with the tourists, so a little quieter…and clearly with the beautiful days coming it’s something you’ll appreciate!
  • For its impressive architecture with nearly 300 villas made with different styles (Gothic, Renaissance and of course Norman), its two Grand-hotels and … the casino (because it won’t be a proper seaside resort without a casino of course)!
  • To wander on the main street and visit its small shops: for example, buy great Norman products at Biscuiterie Jacques Delaunay, taste some chocolates at Chaudemanche, or sit at Le Royaltybar to admire the view of the beach on one side, and on the other the one of the Grand Hotel (and enjoy a good waffle and coffee in the way!).

So it’s worth the detour, isn’t it?

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