What to do in Arromanches?

Hello! If Normandy is the second most famous region in the world it’s also because of its history. Today I won’t tell you vikings or William the Conqueror stories, but will talk to you about the Second World War.

Let’s visit Arromanches, where it’s nowadays hard to imagine that huge battles happened there only 70 years ago. Nature has taken over, children are playing on the beach, and when I’m seeing the remains of the artificial harbour I don’t know about you, but every time I get this feeling of freedom and recognition.

Exploring the remains of the artificial harbour

  1. I advise you to start the tour in Arromanches via its cliff (plus it’s easier to park there!).  From the top, you can admire on one side the panorama over Arromanches and the remains of the artificial harbour. On the other side, you can enjoy the view over the Gold Beach coast. On this cliff, called Saint-Côme-de-Fresné, you can also learn more about the D-Day landing. Indeed, the ​​cinema, which is equipped with 9 screens, provides a lot of information about the liberation of Normandy.
  2. You can then walk to the town center, and most importantly the beach. The artificial harbour’s remains are still visible, and more or less accessible depending on the tides. Only a few parts of the harbour remain, because it was dismantled and used to build the bridges that got destroyed during the war. For those of you who are passionate about the World War II history, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the D-day museum which is in front of the beach. You’ll find beautiful surprises, such as Commander Kieffer’s jacket and beret. This name is well known in Normandy, and you can also found it on the flame in Ouistreham.
  3. The town center is also very cute with typical shops, and especially restaurants. For a gourmet take away treat, the shop Creation Gourmande is a really good option. This shop is located on the main square. If like me, you fall for homemade waffles with a generous amount of chestnut cream on top, it’s the place to go!

What to visit near Arromanches?

If you’d like to explore the surroundings and discover more places linked with the Second World War, you can also visit Omaha Beach Cemetery and the Pointe du Hoc.

Have you ever visited one of the landing beaches? Do you have any memories to share?

Boujou (the Norman way to say XOXO)

Infos :

Walk: approx. 2:30

Parking fee: Saint-Côme-de-Fresné, a couple of euros

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